Basic Queries

Q. What is GPS Navigation?

GPS Navigation is a solution for on-road route guidance. It uses special GPS enabled hardware and digital maps to inform the driver regarding up-coming route and current position.

Q. How does GPS Navigation work?

GPS navigation uses satellites to pin point your exact location on the maps stored on your navigation device.

Q. Do I have to pay any extra charges on monthly or annual basis for GPS?

No, there are no recurring charges for using Rock Mars GPS Navigation system.

Q I can use Google Earth, why should I use Rock Mars Navigation?

Google earth is an online application requiring internet facility and a computer. It does not always provide authentic and real time route information, coordinate accuracy, house address level search and turn by turn voice guidance.

Q. Can I use it outside my city?

Maps for more than 366 cities all over Pakistan are available which are constantly being updated and increased through active geographical surveys, which enables you to use Rock Mars navigation in all these cities.

Q. Will it work on highways?

Yes, Rock Mars Navigation covers all the highways of Pakistan, hence you can use it on highways and intercity travelling.

Q. Can I have the voice prompts in Urdu or my regional language for Navigation?

Rock Mars Navigation is available with Urdu voice prompts. Regional languages are not available currently and may be added in future.

Q. Does Rock Mars Navigation provide lane assistance?

Currently this feature is not supported.

Q. Will I get traffic updates on Rock Mars Navigation?

Currently this option is not supported.

Q The route shown on map is blocked/ there is no such road/ the road is too narrow? How do I find another way?

You may move in a direction where the road is open, the system will recalculate an alternate route for you.

Software Usage

Q. How much time does it take for Atlas creation?

Depending upon hardware configuration, the Atlas Creation can take up 20 minutes for the 1st time of use.

Q. Is this a licensed software?

Yes, this is a licensed software and is intended to be used only on the device with which it was provided.

Q. Can I get landmark and point of interest names in Urdu/ regional language?

No, currently the maps are only available in English language.

Q. What is ETA?

ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival, the time by which you would reach your destination.

Q. How to delete or cancel last route created?

Go to main menu > route and click on the cancel route.

Q. Can I store my office/ any location for future access?

Yes, you can save your favorite locations for easy future access. You may tap on the map to drop the cursor and save the cursor for future reference.

Q. If the software gets corrupted / my software got corrupted / it was working fine but now it is not working properly, can I get it replaced / reinstalled?

Yes, please visit our branch office to get it refreshed.

Q. How will I get free updates? / From where can I get free updates?

Please register your product at our website, to avail 1 year free updates and to know about latest products and services. Optionally you may visit one of our branch office to get the updates.

Q. What is share?

The share option allows you to share your current location with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or message. This option requires internet enabled device and an active internet connection.


Q. Can you track my vehicle with this device?

No, this is navigation software and it does not facilitate vehicle tracking.

Q. My Tracking device is not working properly, is it due to Navigation?

No, Tracking device and Navigation device are different hardware and have no inter-connection.

Q. I got a false battery temper alarm, is it due to Navigation?

No, Navigation has nothing to do with battery terminals.

Q. Does Rock Mars Navigation come built in with Honda Civic?

No, our Navigation system does not come factory fitted in Honda. It is available only with our authorized dealers in aftermarket.

Q. Can I connect my cell phone with the Head unit to receive calls/make calls?

Yes, the head unit has built-in Bluetooth support for mobile devices, you can make and receive calls via PND.

Q. Can I watch DVD on the Navigation device?

While driving you may not watch a video or play DVD to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

Q. Can I connect my USB, iPhone/iPod to the Navigation Device?

Yes, it runs CDs DVDs, Mp3 and supports USB and iPhone/iPod audio.

Q. Can I use Rock Mars Navigation in the default Japanese unit in my imported vehicle (With Japanese menu and maps)?


Q. What is TF card?

It means Trans Flash card, a removable flash memory card.

Q. What other functionalities do I get with the in-dash Navigation device?

The in-dash Navigation device has CD, DVD, Mp3 player, and reverse camera compatibility, blue tooth connectivity for mobile phones, radio and option to connect external audio sources.

Q. In which car can we install Rock Mars Navigation?

Rock Mars Navigation offers different models for custom fitting in different vehicles. For details visit the products sections of the website.

Software Support

Q. I lost my SD / Micro SD Card can I get a replacement?

Each SD Card has a unique license; in case of losing the SD Card you have to re purchase software. Please visit our branch office nearest to you, for a replacement card for 3500 PKR.

Q. How can I get map Updates?

Updates are free for the first year, after which you have to pay 2000 for the map update.

Q. When will I get map updates?

Rock Mars Navigation may release map update after every 6 months.

Q. Are the map updates free?

For the first year after purchase you are entitled to free updates for 1 year, we may release an update after every 6 months. After 1 year you may choose to purchase an update for a fee of 2000 PKR.

Q. How do I activate my Navigation maps?

The navigation maps are pre-activated, you may not be required to activate them. In case the software asks for activation, kindly consult the dealer from where you purchased the unit.

Trouble Shooting

Q. My Rock Mars Navigation is not working!

Please ensure you have the following points covered

  • The map SD card is inserted into the “Maps” slot
  • The software path for Rock Mars Navigation software is properly configured
  • The software is activated
  • Device is getting valid GPS signals

Q. My software hangs frequently and is not working smoothly.

Please reset the device, by pressing the reset button on the front panel of your Navigation device with a pin and re-run your navigation software.

Q. How do I set my Rock Mars Navigation path?

  • Go into the setting of your Navigation device,
  • Tap on the GPS setting and search for the software path.
  • The software is placed with in the folder hierarchy: “ABS\Navitel”, by the name of Navitel.exe.
  • Select the file and exit the setting,
  • Go to the main menu and tap on the GPS/Navigation.

Q. When I start the GPS/Navigation the device says software is not activated, what should I do?

Please ensure the navigation device has the appropriate map plan card. The plan number may be found on the Map Card Jacket. Please contact us via email or phone to verify map card plan against the hardware model number, printed on the GPS navigation box, or the unit front panel.

Q. I cannot get valid GPS signals?

Please move your vehicle to an open to sky location, where the GPS module can catch satellite signals easily. Please ensure there are no tall buildings, high tension cables, roof and tress above the vehicle which might obscure the signals. Wait for at least 5 minutes before moving the vehicle to ensure quick reception.

Q I cannot connect my mobile via Bluetooth/ how do I connect my mobile via Bluetooth to navigation device?

Please enter the Bluetooth menu from the main menu on your navigation device, now search for Bluetooth enabled devices on your mobile phone, once you have detected the in-car navigation device, which will be represented by a name such as “CE-……..” pair the device with your mobile phone, and enter the following code when prompted. For Toyota: 0000 / 4444 / 8888 For Civic: 1234 /0000/ 4444 /8888 (Try each combination one by one if the first does not work)

Q The navigation takes me through a very long route, although there is a shorter route via galis/sub-roads/streets.

The default route calculation method is fastest route, which depending upon the speed limit of main roads calculates the route through which you can travel fastest and reach the destination, if you prefer shorter route you can change the setting as per your preferences. To change route calculation Go to main menu > Settings > Navigation Select: Prefer a quick way/ Prefer a short way

Sales Inquiry

Q. For how much can I get Rock Mars Navigation? And where?

Different Navigation models have different prices. Please refer to our dealer network to locate a dealer near you, for availability and prices.

Q. What is the warranty period for the SD Card?

The SD card is covered under 1 year warranty